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Our passion is to help busy families reduce stress and overwhelm by helping them recreate spaces in their lives that are functional and beautiful.



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In my free time, I enjoy:

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Read more about my story…

Melissa has changed my family’s life! She has helped me organize many spaces in my home and I’m officially addicted.

My house has become an inviting peaceful environment that I am proud of because of Melissa!

Anna L.

I liked that when it seemed overwhelming, and it did, she found small easy things for me to do that was still useful and got me back on track. The best part was that she taught me how to organize, we would start on a project and I could see what we were doing and when she left I could continue if I wanted to. ( I always wanted to because it was so rewarding to see the space change!) She always made sure when she left there was no overwhelming mess or anything left out so if i didn’t want to work on it i didn’t have to.

Denise T.

I contacted Melissa to help me organize my kitchen, pantry and closet. I do not have a creative or organized way of thinking, so I really struggle with my house being organized! Melissa has a gift! She came into my home prepared with ideas and organization tools. She transformed my kitchen from chaotic space to an organized space with a great flow. Melissa is creative, fun, and very personable. If my house starts to spin out of control again I will definitely be contacting her for round two.  Grace S.

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