In honor of “Save Your Photos” month, I decided to take the plunge and re-organize my digital photos.

Prior to this, my picture folders had titles like “Summer Fun 2016” and “My Best Friends”… labels that were so vague and at the time really *cute*, but now I really didn’t know what was in them! I’ve been wanting to get them better organized, so I decided to dedicate the time to do so!

This has been a challenge in the past, especially when I am creating something for a loved one. If you know me, I LOVE making things for my family and friends. I’ve made a guestbook for a friend’s wedding, photobooks for family and friends as Christmas presents, and I love SCRAPBOOKING! So I am constantly referencing photos from past and present! *I’m currently working on a few scrapbooks from our adventures in Europe!* So knowing where and how to find photos I’m looking to use, is essential!

Let me start by saying, sorting 10+ years of photos is NOT fun! It took DAYS of endless sorting and copying and pasting! (Plus a little extra time to reminisce and get caught up in the moments) But in the end, I am SO satisfied with the result!

I can quickly look into my pictures folder and find the perfect photo for my current project. Yes!!

Photo Organizing

Hopefully, you’ve been organizing your photos in a better way and don’t have this issue, but in case you’re struggling like me and want a way out, I’m sharing my 3 easy rules of photo organizing! The labeling is KEY to success here.

  1. Start each folder with the year it was taken– this will help put everything into chronological order when sorting! So everything from 2009 will be in order in my folder and I can find the pictures from college graduation.
  2. After the year, use the month NUMBER– So instead of saying 2011 May, put 2011-5 so you can again keep everything in chronological order.
  3. And last, be descriptive in the event from that date. So instead of saying “summer fun” put something like “Canyon Lake Trip” or “Kayak Adventure on Mission Lake”.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to get your photos in an organized fashion and reference ready!

This does mean you will have more folders, but it also means that you can see at a glance, where your pictures are. So if you decide to send a photo book to your parents of your past years adventures, you can easily do so!

It also makes it easier to make a silly photo collage of my friendship with a girlfriend over the past 10 years, really easy!

Summer time usually means vacations, family time, and lots of photo opportunities! What photos are you uploading and organizing currently?