Hi there. It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down and written a blog post for you all. Life and business have been busy and taken me away from the blog temporarily. But I’m so happy to be back, sharing my thoughts and heart with you!


Over the holidays we had the opportunity to be home with family. And it was amazing. Being a military spouse has definitely created a space in my life that has allowed me to be so grateful for any time I get to spend with the ones I love most. It truly was a blessing.


That being said, I had some time on my hands during our drive home [18 hours + stops and a hotel stay]. And I realized I had undivided time to think. Some time to really reflect on whether or not my business was showing me and my intentions in the way I hope they do.  And you know what I realized? I’m shifting. Shifting my focus to be more reflective of my true self. Shifting my mindset to be more empowering of myself and toward others. Shifting in the way I want my clients to feel when they work with me.


This year feels different. I’m finding myself at a place where I’m really going to have to challenge myself. I’m going to be faced with fear of the unknown that is tied to an upcoming move and honestly, that overwhelms me when I really take time to think about it.  


Over the last two years, I’ve worked really hard to create and build my organizing business. I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible and I know more about tax paperwork than I had ever desired to know 😉  And can I say something without coming off totally cocky? I’m so dang proud of what I’ve created!


But as we wait for our upcoming orders, I am feeling all. the. emotions. Excited for the [unknown] future, scared of moving forward because of the unknown, and overwhelmed by the maybes and what-ifs. It’s a lot to anticipate. It’s a challenge to know which step is the right one to take. It’s difficult at times to stay encouraged about my goals and hopes, even when things are going SO well. Isn’t that crazy??


You know what I finally decided though? I’ve decided that instead of being lead by fear and giving up on my dreams, I want to keep pushing them forward. I want my hard work to mean something. I want to feel proud of my accomplishments and never stop trying to create a life for myself that I love.


And so, this year my goal is to be intentional, more intentional than I’ve ever been before. In my work, my personal life, and in my hopes for the future. With the upcoming move, it’s so hard to know what the future will look like. And frankly, it sometimes stops me from trying to reach my personal goals. But this year, I won’t let it. I am pledging to myself to be brave, to keep growing and learning, and to keep working toward the goals I want to achieve.


If you’re wondering why I felt the need to make this public declaration… I guess I’m putting this out into the universe because I believe in manifestation, in speaking things into existence. And also,  so that you can keep me accountable. 😉


Whew- what a relief it is to get that off my chest. It’s out into the world now and there’s no going back—– well, there is but I won’t.


If you’re feeling particularly inspired to make the most of this new year, I want to challenge you to give up the excuses and start taking steps to make. it. happen. You can do it! And if you need someone to encourage you and cheer you on. I’m here for you!

So here are my four steps for committing to my goals:

  1. Make a list of the top goals you want to accomplish. Don’t waste time to stop and think, just purge those goals onto a piece of paper, tablet, etc.
  2.  Order the goals by priority. What needs to happen this month? Then this quarter? Before summer?
  3. Now start working toward the first one, and put all other goals out of your mind. You haven’t forgotten them, but you aren’t giving them priority in your mind right now either.
  4. As you determine what steps you need to take to reach the goal, schedule time to work specifically on that step. So for example, if you need to do research on blog topics/keywords, schedule time on your calendar explicitly for that.


The goal here is to not let overwhelm consume you and stop you from even starting. The more you break it down, piece by piece, the easier it is to take each baby step toward conquering your amazing goals!

And as Rachel Hollis would say,  


“Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what

life throws at you, you are in control of the fight.”


So let’s do this! Let’s fight for our biggest wishes and deepest dreams!


What goals are you vowing to conquer this year? What is standing in your way? Comment below and let’s start a conversation. <3