5 Minimalist Ways to Decorate for the Holidays and Avoid Clutter

5 Minimalist ways to decorate for the holidays

Changing up some decor around the house with the seasons, feels refreshing to me. You’re moving around some things that may not ever be touched otherwise, and opening up a new energy in your space. I love the feeling of “warmth” that comes with fall decor (even though I live in the desert.) And I love the bright colors of spring flowers and the acknowledgement of sunnier days ahead.

That being said, I think it’s also really important to balance that with keeping things manageable. And the key to success here, is figuring out what “manageable” is for you! For me, dragging out, setting up, and decorating the giant tree I had gotten for our house in San Antonio was something that became unmanageable for me. I dreaded thinking about having to do all of that work AND I dreaded thinking about having to take it all back down…so much so that it stayed up way too long one year.

So when we moved to our new house (where we downsized by more than half) I decided to let that giant thing go, and not feel guilt about it! I focus on the decorating that does bring me joy.

If seasonal decorating brings you joy in your home, then I say go for it! But let’s talk about some mindful ways we can decorate for the holidays or seasons and still avoid clutter.

5 Minimalist ways to decorate for the holidays

 This my process before I start any redecorating in my home.

  1. Shop your own decor first-– put everything out on a table and “shop” it. You might have a new piece of furniture to display it on, or a similar item that you can feature with it,etc. Use space for the pieces you already own and love first! *Be sure to donate/sell any pieces that you no longer love and want to use*
  2. Mend/modify damaged pieces— If a piece got broken or damaged while being stored, consider fixing it first. If it can’t be fixed, can you make something new with the parts? Think about adding new floral, painting a new color. **This can also be done if you’re going for a different style/tone of the decor**
  3. Incorporate some of the “general” decor you use year round— using candle stands, vases, or baskets to display seasonal pieces. You could even have one wreath that you use and swap out seasonal details.
  4. Minimize bulky items— Consider things like pillow covers vs a whole decorative pillow or double-sided decor for multi seasonsminimal seasonal decor
  5. Get creative— play around with layering pieces together to create a new look. Consider adding a fall sign to your plain wreath for interior door decor.
Don’t forget to edit!

Whether you’re in a new season of life, have moved into a new space, or have just changed your style… always remember to edit your items! Spending a few minutes before AND after each season to edit your collection will go a long way in helping to keep clutter at bay.

PRO TIP: If you haven’t done an edit in awhile… do it now! If it’s early enough in the season you may be able to sell/exchange decor.

Shop Secondhand
  • Take a look around online marketplaces and local thrift shops when shopping for new (to you) decor.. buying second hand can have a positive impact in a lot of ways!
  • Don’t forget to source your friends for items too! You could consider hosting a decor swap or buy/sell night to freshen up your seasonal decor without breaking the bank.


Looking for other ways to get ready for the holiday season?

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