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What’s keeping you from getting organized? Is it the time? The commitment? Or maybe even the amount of money you feel it would take to truly get you organized? Yes, there is time, commitment, and probably even money involved in getting organized but did you know that a professional organizer can SIMPLIFY all of that?!

That’s what I love about my job; being able to make life easier for others. It’s so cool! I’m here to work side-by-side with you, to help manage the amount of time and commitment that is required and help it seem less overwhelming. Do you think you need a big budget for purchasing storage items? The truth is…you DON’T! You probably have items in your home that can be re-purposed into meeting your needs.


I wanted to share a little bit with you about a project I’m currently working on. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been re-organizing a school program’s resource room. This room has all kinds of items, school supplies, games and crafts, and even clothing and food!

The two biggest challenges going into this project were knowing that they don’t get any more space than what they currently have and they have a limited to no budget for purchasing bins, totes, etc. I was a little nervous knowing that at first but then really took extra time to observe everything in the environment and start thinking about how it could work for other spaces.

The first area I started on was the game cabinet. Six shelves just busting at the seams with games! I checked the rest of the room to confirm that this was the only place for games and then started pulling and checking every game in the cabinet. I wanted to set aside any games that were broken or missing vital pieces as they were taking up much needed space for the properly working games.

I made a huge mess initially, which I promised to my clients I wouldn’t leave that way (only a couple hours). After I checked all of the games, I started sorting them by topic i.e. math, literacy, social skills, etc. Thankfully I was able to free- up a couple small plastic bins that I then used for flash cards and other card games.

In the supply closets, I tried to keep most of the supplies in their original packaging so they were easy to stack and keep together. If they were already lose then I’d use a box or whatever I could find to try and contain them. I even used some empty lunch meat containers that I saved from home to contain game pieces and other small items.

All of the “labels” are temporary sticky notes for now. Once the project is complete, I will make a list of all labels needed and print them. I like to do this last so I don’t waste my nice labels and printer ink. I have the flexibility to move things around as needed until everything has a home.


You know how much I’ve spent on this project to date? About $10…that’s it! And that’s only because I found a few bins at the Dollar General that I knew would be perfect for some of the supplies. Everything else, the client already had! So you see, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get organized! I also love shopping at second hand stores, like Goodwill, to find and potentially re-purpose items to meet your needs! When you work with me, I promise to save you money in any way I can.

Check out my photo gallery to see some of the “before” pics of this project. I’m having so much fun!

Are you ready to get organized?

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  1. Colette

    Congrats Melissa!

    • Melissa Rogers

      Thank you, Colette!!

  2. Caroline D

    What an inspiration to keep the clutter under control. I’ll be heading to the dollar store soon to get organized. My “junk” drawer is taking over!!

  3. Janet Barclay

    What a wonderful organizing project to work on – and it looks like you did a fabulous job too.

  4. marine

    would you organize my bathroom ? haha

  5. Olive Wagar

    I organized our church resource room in a similar way. The only containers I bought were $1 clear shoe box size. It is amazing how you can maximize the space when you use the same size containers!


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