Table Space

In case you missed it, at the beginning of April I posted this crazy video where I publicly declared my desire to get my office/craft space organized. <Insert stressed out face here> I have been avoiding this room for about a year because I just haven’t known what to do with it.

I really had to force myself to sit down in this room and think realistically about what was missing and WHY it was such a mess. Was it because I have too much stuff…probably partially yes. Was it because I didn’t have pieces that I could use to organize my supplies better? Also partially yes.

The first area I decided to tackle was my crafting space. The tables were over run with STUFF, random stuff….papers, cards, half-finished projects, random bits and pieces. The floor under the tables was also covered with random junk that I just didn’t have any other place for. It was overwhelming me and didn’t lend itself to allowing my creative juices to flow when I actually had time to sit down for a project.

My Goal:

When I think about my crafting space, I want to be able to sit at the table with my project spread out along it. I want my paper cutters and scissors, journaling pens and photo glues to be right at my fingertips. Once I’m at the table, I want uninterrupted craft making time. So that became goal number 1! To clear the area out a bit and create space for the most often used tools.

shelf from Goodwill

I found this cute shelf at Goodwill and decided to paint it with a neutral grey chalk paint. It is PERFECT for my Cricut cartridges and even has a little room for my Cricut tools. I’m also debating adding a few hooks to the bottom section of the shelf to store my extra blades and hang my current mat.


craft storage


The top shelf was something I found at Target, in the laundry room section. I thought it was perfect for my tub that holds my other shaped paper cutters and my vinyl. I might add some “s” hooks to it to hang little buckets off of, if I end up needing some more storage.


scrapbook project storage


I also found this shelving unit that perfectly fits the 12×12 scrapbook cases. I use these to separate out my current projects and then label them. It is SO much easier when I actually have time to commit to scrapbooking, some of the paper/stickers and photos are already grouped together for easy access and start! I’m all about practicality!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I try to be practical in all ways of life. So I REFUSE to spend a significant amount of money on anything unless I truly believe it’s worth it. I also like resources that are multifunctional so I have that versatility when we move. I don’t have to get rid of or sell everything if it can serve a different purpose somewhere else. Simple is key for me.



With keeping the focus on making my space practical rather than just visually appealing, I was able to meet my need with a minimal budget.

Here is my after picture!



I hope my project will spark some excitement for you to get to work on a project that you’ve been putting off! There are still tweaks to be made and changes will come as I work further in my space but I can already breathe easier in here!


Tune in next month when I hit part two of my project…….the PAPERWORK!