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DIY bulletin board

As I’ve recently been reworking my office and craft room, I realized that I was in need of a few pieces to really help get me organized. Thankfully I like to play around with some DIY ideas and the pieces I imagined were projects that I felt I could make myself. Does that sound like something you need too? Keep reading to see how you can DIY yourself to organized!

Project 1:

The first project I brought to life was my DIY dry erase board. I’ve seen a bunch of these on Pinterest over the years and always wanted to make one! I needed an idea area where I could keep track of business leads, blog content ideas, and even listing out companies that I’d love to team up with! I love that it is super cute but also versatile with the use of the dry-erase. I can change my categories at any time depending on my needs and I can easily jot down an idea as I’m working on other things.

If you want to make one for your office, all you need are five simple supplies:

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*A few things I learned along the way with choosing a frame. I used a 24×36 sized frame because I had one I wasn’t using. Originally the pane was made of plastic, which didn’t allow for easy removal of the dry erase. So I ended up finding a frame of the same size at Goodwill that had glass, and swapped it out. You can very easily remove the dry erase even if it has been on there for days.     


DIY dry erase board


Step 1: Remove the sample poster board from the frame and use it as your guide for spacing the scrapbook paper on it. Depending on your frame size, you may need to cut the paper. Be sure to measure before you cut or you might end up with paper that is too small. (Yes, I did that!)  Once it is spaced evenly, use the permanent double-sided adhesive to stick the paper to the back of the poster board. * I added a little ribbon to dress mine up too!


DIY dry erase board


Step 2: Place the paper backing back into the frame and secure the backing.

Step 3: Hang on the wall and determine your categories.

Step 4: Use a little bucket or basket to hold your dry erase markers and secure it to the wall under your frame.


DIY dry erase board


The second idea came to me when I received a few thank you cards and had pulled some ideas out of a magazine. I had nowhere to display them! Behold, idea number two! My inspiration board!


Project 2:

I lucked out AGAIN and found a corkboard at Goodwill for just a couple bucks! Score! I’m telling you…always check thrift stores for project pieces!


DIY bulletin board


All it needed was a little refinishing to fit in with the rest of my décor and Voila!


Step 1: Paint the frame with a coordinating color to match your space. I chose a chalk paint for easy application and completion.


DIY bulletin board


Step 2: Cover cork with scrapbook paper squares. Paper may need to be trimmed to fit. I used the same double-sided adhesive for this project.


DIY bulletin board


Step 3: Determine layout for ribbons. I practiced first with a cheap ribbon that I didn’t mind “wasting”. Once I had those pieces cut to fit, I mimicked those lengths and then replaced the strands with my “fancy” ribbon.


DIY bulletin board


**The outline of your ribbons may be different depending on size and shape of your board. I tried a couple different patterns and decided on this one.

Step 4: I used hot glue to secure this burlap textured type of ribbon. If you choose to use hot glue, be sure to wear a Band-Aid or something on your finger before you secure the ribbon. It will be HOT!


DIY bulletin board


Overall, I’m THRILLED with how both projects turned out and it has greatly helped me to keep the clutter from piling up! No more random stickie’s with ideas or piles of cards and ideas! That’s a win!


What DIY organization projects have you tried? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Seana Turner

    Two great DIY projects! I think I have an old bulletin board up in my attic already… you’ve got me thinking this morning!

    • Melissa Rogers

      That’s awesome! It’s been such a help to my organization in my office!

  2. Kathy Vines

    I’m planning today for sprucing up my office a bit… These are some nice ideas to help generate creativity! Thanks!

    • Melissa Rogers

      Love it! Had a lot of fun with these projects! I love being able to make something completely personal for me!

  3. Maureen DeGarmo

    I always love projects that allow things to be placed on a vertical surface rather than flat on my desk. Plus, being attractive makes me want to use them more. Nice ideas!

    • Melissa Rogers

      Yes! Somehow less seems to accumulate once it hang it up!

  4. Pam

    Great DIY ideas!! I especially love the dry erase board because you can create such a cute and/or custom background- which beats the plain white! Also- I LOVE thrift shopping, too!! LOL

    • Melissa Rogers

      I think that’s what I love best about it! That it’s so customizable.

  5. Camp Drunken Arrow

    I love that dry erase option!

  6. Kirti

    Great DIY ideas. I will certainly try them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fatima

    Wow what a great diy. Wonderful!!

  8. Tahnee

    Oh wow such a great post thanks for sharing

  9. Globejamun

    Great ideas

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