This month I worked on part 2 of my office/craft Room makeover: my desk! If you haven’t had a chance to see my before video of my office, you can check it out here and at about 2:26 you can see my messy desk! Oh boy!

Reality Check

While I had originally planned on part 2 being my paperwork stacks and memorabilia from past years, I had to get real with myself mid-May and decide to move to a different part. The paperwork requires a lot of thought, it needs considerable uninterrupted time where one can sit and go thru and make decisions. The month of May became busier than I had anticipated and included a trip home to see my family and spend time with my favorite 3-year-old so I knew my “work” time was limited. We celebrated with a “pirate party”! Isn’t my nephew the cutest??

My nephew

My desk area is my command center and is essential in me being able to do all things craft and business related. Many different types of activities are performed here and each needs its own space, respectively.

One of the first things I realized was that most of the paperwork that landed itself on the top of my desk was because it didn’t have a home anywhere else. And because various tasks are executed here, I would end up with a big pile of paperwork coming upstairs with me at any given time, and plopped down on my desk. Inherently, step 1 became creating designated spaces for each task. I found this  to store my “active” paperwork such as current bill information, stamps and return address labels, a slot to store my business paperwork until I consolidate it at the end of each month, etc.

I also bought a little 3-piece desk organizer set to hold my pens and notepads. You can find these at just about any store, and even at a thrift store like Goodwill. The third piece can hold computer sized paper but I ended up using it to store all of my coupons. As coupons come in, I toss them into the wire basket and then as needed, I sort the coupons into my little 13-pocket expanding file folder.

Coupon Organization

Another small item that was cluttering up my desktop were business cards! I’ve been networking so much lately and get business cards like they’re candy, so I had a few stacks of them. At first I was able to store them in a little basket but when that got overloaded, I looked for a longer term resolution. If you’re like me, you ALWAYS have your phone with you and you put your appointments and other important reminders in it. So it only made sense to put all of my referral contacts and other businesses in my phone too!

I found an app called CamCard (there are numerous others) that allows you to take a picture of the front and back of the card and then automatically transfers that information into an electronic profile. You can share and send this information at any time after; pretty cool! The only downside that I’ve noticed is sometimes it scans the information kind of funny and puts the wrong info into the slots. So I double check and edit as needed but once it’s good, I can toss the card! This little gem works two ways for me; it gets rid of my clutter but it also likens the opportunity for me to actually pass the information along because I always have it on me!

After I cleared my notepad, paperwork, coupon, business card clutter, I noticed space freeing up around my desk—yippee! It is still a work in progress as I know some things will need to be improved. I’m currently on the hunt for a display board that I like and can use to hold my important dates or product inspirations.

The End Result

organized desk


What projects are you crushing at the moment?