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How to prep your home before the movers come.. without packing the entire house yourself!

A FREE 3-Day Masterclass where we will create a comprehensive plan for getting your home ready to go before the packers arrive!

Save the dates June 18-20 @12pm CST

You’re invited to learn the secret framework for PCS Proofing Your Home!


You know moving is stressful, you’re feeling like you don’t know what to do or even where to start. You may have even had a bad experience with your last move and just wish you would have done more to prepare and protect your things from getting damaged or broken.

Preparing to uproot your life and move to another state or even country, is stressful enough! Add to that, getting an entire house in order… it can be overwhelming. 

Waiting on a move with the military can feel anxious, frustrating and even powerless at times because you don’t have control. 


So– You survived the trek to your new duty station, you’ve found a home you think you’re really going to love, and the moving company is here to deliver your household goods (HHG)! Awesome! Can’t wait to get unpacked and settled.

The movers start asking where you want each box to go, and you’re a dear in headlights. It’s been weeks if not months without your stuff and there are 10 boxes that say “bedroom 2” on them… how the heck are you supposed to remember what they decided was “bedroom 2”?! And while they are being professional, you can definitely sense their desire to work quickly and just get everything off of the truck, so they can get home in time for dinner. No pressure right?!

So you quickly tell them, “oh, just put it upstairs in one of the bedrooms. We’ll figure it out.”

Flashforward, 6 hours or maybe even 1-2 days later the movers have finished, and you’re left with all of your boxes sitting around you. All you want to do is find the box that has your sheets and pillows in it, but first you have to sift through 15 “master bedroom” ones to even find that.

The next day, you start fresh with opening boxes and getting the kitchen unpacked. Only, as you start opening boxes, you find that somehow the packers thought it made sense to take a handful of pens, pencils, paperclips, and batteries and wrap them up in a bunch of paper (they actually did that about 10 times over just to empty your junk drawer). Oh and then remember that pile of photos you had just printed and accidentally left on the kitchen counter? Those are in their too.. and they are under the heavy mixing bowls which have now bent and deformed them beyond recognition. Awesome.

Worst of all, that special antique hutch from your grandparents, wasn’t properly wrapped and packed and now has a huge scratch on it. You know the military is only going to reimburse you for the cost of what they think is a “fair” amount and because you don’t have any photos of it pre-move to prove its condition, they’re offering you way less than it would cost to even get it repaired.  

You wish you would have done more.

The real challenge here is that… 

  • You’re not sure HOW to prepare your home, without packing the whole thing yourself
  • You don’t know what *really* matters and what doesn’t 
  • You don’t know where to start

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

What if you could take control of your home and prepare it with confidence? 

What if you had complete peace of mind on the packing day(s) and felt relaxed and ready? 

Imagine you have a step-by-step plan of attack to PCS-proof your home. You’re not frantically researching and wondering what to do because you have a battle plan in hand.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to simply 

  • Find and unpack the boxes you need first?
  • Not have to sift through a bunch of stuff you didn’t really want to keep in the first place? 
  • Know right where to find your sheets so you can make the bed and relax after a long day’s work?

In the PCS Proof Your Home Masterclass you will learn why it’s important to take inventory of your time and stuff, the power of getting all of your to-dos out of your head and into a plan, and how to prioritize your time to get the most important things done.

You will learn how to have your best move ever and the skills you need in order to do it again the next time around.

All the military spouses will be wondering where you got your mad organizing skills!

Hi there, I’m Melissa Rogers, a fellow military spouse and founder of a Professional Organizing Company that was created in San Antonio, TX.

I began my milspouse journey back in 2011 when my at the time boyfriend got orders to Germany. We knew we wanted to make it work long term, and so I did what so many other spouses have done, quit my job and moved out of my apartment, threw everything I owned into my car, and made my way down to New Mexico (where he was stationed at the time). Two months later we were married, and about 6 months after that we were on our way to Germany.

Always having a need for order, a background in teaching coupled with a few life-changing moves overseas and back, my organizing company, Modified by Melissa was born. Over the last 3 years, I’ve come alongside numerous families, military and civilian, to help provide the tools and encouragement to finally take action in their homes.


As I reach almost 9 years of being a military spouse and our now 4 moves with the military, I am more passionate than ever to help empower military families to take back control of their homes and moves.

Having everything labeled and marked clearly makes all the difference in the world during your move. Decluttering beforehand and only taking what you need with you keeps you clear-minded and focused on the task before you.


You can prepare on your own by searching Pinterest boards and Facebook groups to figure it out by piecing together everyone’s advice 

– OR –

 you can download my free guide and come to the masterclass to show you what exactly to do (and what not to do).


 You will feel confident, prepared, and ready to move toward your new destination.

 You will be free to enjoy the process without the worries of moving hanging over your head.


When you don’t know what to do and you feel STUCK, there is a way to get UNSTUCK and it starts with making a plan.


Even if…

  • You’re a new military spouse and have no idea how this goes
  • You’ve moved five times with the military and lost hope for ever having a stress-free move
  • You’ve tried so many other things to get organized that didn’t work for you


Join this highly-interactive, LIVE 3-DAY ONLINE MASTERCLASS beginning June 18 where you will discover:


  1. Why it’s worth creating your own inventory so you know exactly what you have 
  2. Why it’s important to declutter excess and purge in advance so you don’t get stuck with stuff you don’t want to take with you
  3. The game-changing power of a plan so you have your priorities in order and know what to do in the weeks leading up to the move

Each day during this challenge, you receive 30-45 minutes of value-packed teaching, a downloadable workbook, ONE action to do each day to give you a QUICK WIN, Q&A time with a professional organizer, and motivation from a community of others with the same goals. 

  Are you ready to move forward with your PCS plan?

Are you ready for a stress-free move?

Sign up today for 3 Days to PCS Proof Your Home beginning Thursday, June 18 at 12pm CST!


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