Conquer Your Clutter

Hands-On Professional Organizing

Tell me, does this sound like you?

You feel stressed out because your family is in transition and you’re  unsure how to use your space? 

You’re overwhelmed as you’re preparing for a move to a new home or city?

You can’t seem to get ahead of the pile of paperwork stacking up in your home office? 

   You’re not alone.

I know what it’s like to reinvent my space with every move and life change! 

What if you could have a space that does everything you need it to? 

What if you could have a customized plan that helps you more easily make the transition to your new home or city? 

What if you could feel proud of your home? Eager to invite friends and family over for a get together? 

Together, we will create a customized, step-by-step plan to help you reinvent your space!

How to get started

Step 1: CONTACT Me

If you’re ready to re-invent your spaces, fill out the contact form  to begin.

Step 2: FREE Consultation

After your form is received, you will be contacted via email to schedule  our FREE phone consultation which will last about 30 minutes. At this time, you tell me what you feel is and isn’t working for your space and we discuss options.

Step 3: Let’s begin!

At the end of the consultation, our project start date and time will be scheduled.

Here’s What’s Included

Whether you purchase a one time session or a package of sessions, you will always receive the support and guidance you desire.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, Modified by Melissa will maintain 100% confidentiality of any of the work we do together. Permission will always be asked before sharing any images of the projects.

Each session will follow the process of decluttering, sorting, purging, and organizing. Finding ways to optimize the space you have with your wants and needs, will also be included in the plan of work.

Plans are individually customized to fit your lifestyle and needs.

We can work side by side to complete your project, or sit back and watch as the transformation happens!

Hands-on personal organizing services are available in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.

Included in packages:

Hours I spend in your home, plus:

  • Complete and consistent support throughout your organizing project
  • Assistance in determining items to keep or remove
  • Time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions
  • Taking items to donation upon request, at the end of each session
  • Guided shopping and product suggestions
  • Time spent shopping for organizing supplies
  • Unlimited email support up to two weeks after completion of the project

Given the sensitive nature of the work and the high level of trust it requires clients to place in me, you can be assured of 100% confidentiality when working with me.

Packages & Investment Information

1 Day Session

6 Hours



Four Sessions

12 Hours


(10% discount)

Eight Sessions

24 Hours


(20% discount)

Twelve Sessions

36 Hours


(30% discount)

Are you Ready to Get Started?

Thank you, Melissa, for being there and helping me get organized. After my husband passed away, I shut down and didn’t want to deal with anything. Things started piling up and the worse it got the more I turned away. Melissa came in and helped me see what all I had ignored and where we should begin. Because of Melissa’s expertise, my home is now clean and organized. It’s such a relief to know where everything is and where to look for needed items.

Dawn K.

I moved into a new home last year and was having great difficulty getting myself organized in my new space. I was hesitant to have someone come into my home to see my mess (because it’s embarrassing, frankly) but Melissa was fabulous. She did not judge me and was very patient with me. She jumped right in and assisted me with organizing all my paperwork. She helped me sort everything out into piles so I could see what I needed to keep and what could be recycled. After seeing what was left, she helped me create folders and labels that would work best for ME. Melissa really knows what she is doing and now I don’t have to go into the spare bedroom and immediately start stressing out. I can finally USE that space as a spare bedroom or anything else I can dream up. Thank you so very much for your help, Melissa! I will definitely request your expertise in the future for my next organizing project.

Lauren Z.