5 Weird Ways to Use a Plastic Soap Holder

Do you remember picking up a Soap Box on your way to summer camp? These little guys take me back! Somehow good memories are associated with this little plastic container….weird huh?

Well I don’t need them for camp anymore, but I still have a few in my house! You know what’s so great about them! Number one, they are CHEAP!  And they happen to be a great size for small items around the house!

So here are 5 ways that I’ve used these handy things to get organized!


  1. Storing playing cards and other game pieces


Why are games and card packs stored in cardboard cases?? They just don’t hold up well to our well-loved and favorite games! So when the game box gives out, grab yourself one of these guys! They are great for holding dice, game pieces, and even a pack of cards!


  1. Office Supplies- binder clips, rubber bands


In the office, supplies can be separated and used over a long period of time…. Sometimes that little box for the paperclips doesn’t last. Or maybe the packaging was so well put together, you had to rip it open and well, now you need another storing solution!


  1. Craft Storage- buttons, clothespins

I’m a crafter! Buttons, pins, and other small items tend to come in a plastic casing…no Bueno! I need something that can corral all of my pieces so the cat can’t get to them! Enter the soap holder!


  1. Packing jewelry

When I’m packing for a trip or even for one of our moves, my bulkier pieces won’t fit into my beloved pill organizers so I need a bigger option. These guys are the perfect size to pack a couple necklaces and keep them safe in my suitcase.


  1. Storing flash drives

I’m sure I’m not the only one with MANY flash drives! Some I use regularly, some store all of the pictures from our wedding as a backup, and so I have quite a few! I need to wrangle these tricky guys so I always know they’re safe! A soap holder is the PERFECT size to contain my precious memories. I just pop them in there and toss it into my safe, for safe keeping! Haha, get it???


There are SO many other ways to use these things, but those are my top 5! What other ways have you used these for storage/organization?