What I’ve Learned from 3 years in business

Wow! Three years into running this business… how did that happen?! Three years of meeting and working with amazing women and families, helping them get organized. Somehow it feels like I’ve been doing this my whole life and yet like I just started, all at the same time.

In honor of the 3rd anniversary, I’d like to share three of the deepest lessons I’ve learned since I started this journey in 2017.

The first is about connection. On this roller-coaster that is entrepreneurship I have learned that the connection I receive and feel is the constant that keeps me pushing to work hard and do “better” for every single client that calls me. Being able to connect with other women(and families), on such a special and personal level has fed my soul in ways I never expected.

Just before I started this venture into becoming a business owner and professional organizer, I was struggling. Struggling with my identity as an educated, 30-year-old woman with no job prospects in sight. Struggling with being a stay-at-home wife again to a man who worked hard for us every day. Struggling to feel connected to my community or a purpose… just straight up struggling.

When I finally took the leap, and opened the doors of Modified by Melissa, I didn’t have all the answers. But I knew that one of the most important things to my happiness was connection. And I am so grateful for how connected I’ve felt to each and every one of you.

The second is the importance of teamwork! Whew man, let me tell you how resistant I was to adding teammates to the business for so many reasons. Fear of others not being able to perform at the level I expect for clients, fear that managing others might dampen the enjoyment I get talking and sharing with clients during sessions, and fear that I would lose that connection that I cherish so much.

If I could go back and tell Melissa from 3 years ago to just open my mind to the idea… I would run there! Grab her face and look her in the eye. Tell her, just do it!

The amount of progress and support we’ve been able to amplify since working as a team, has blown me away! The clients are relieved of some of the pressure to “work quickly”, my body is relieved of carrying ALL of the heavy things, and I am relieved to help clients see progress and results more quickly!

As one of my favorite sayings go, ‘teamwork makes the dream work!” …Seriously! I even used that phrase during my maid-of-honor speech at my sister’s wedding.

And the last thing I’ve learned in my 3 short years in business is the importance of self-love. Wow, let me tell you… I have found that self-love is like a buried treasure, under the sea. It is something that few people are able to embrace, but the ones who have it are the richest people I know.

Now when I refer to self-love, I don’t mean the kind where you think you’re the best thing since sliced bread (and really, you are) but I am referring to the most beautiful act of kindness you can express toward yourself and help to empower in others.

I don’t know why, but self-love is so dang hard to come by! Between our own voices in our heads, and others’ voices put onto us…. it just feels so foreign to go against all that and accept ourselves for who we are and where we’re at in life. But I have to say, for me, working alongside women who are willing to be vulnerable and raw about what makes them struggle so much with their stuff, allows me constantly remind myself to be kind and gentle. It gives me so many opportunities to encourage and remind them that they are perfect, beautiful souls that deserve all the good things in life. And in return, I start to feel that toward myself! Hey if she is amazing and killing it, why can’t I be too?

If you were to ask me what having this business and working with these clients has done for me, I would tell you it’s changed my entire life. It has taught me that anything worth fighting for, isn’t easy. And while sometimes I wish it would be, I’m so grateful to be able to keep fighting for it.

So thank you. Thank you to all of my amazing past and current clients, and to all of the clients we will be working alongside in the future. I’m forever grateful to you!


Warmest wishes,

Melissa (owner)

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